Debt recovery

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Storage and sales of assets

Call Centre-Telemarketing

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Support in risk and receivables management, Controlling

Our services are wide-ranging from: prevention of payment problems through accurate assessment of risk and creditworthiness, timely reminders for slow payers, collection of overdue payments, call centre, on-site inspection, repossession, remarketing, out of court settlement, court cases till handling of closed files.
AVS can be your exclusive source for all of these services from start to finish.

Specialised services

There’s more! We also perform research of ownership structures, appraise assets, forecasting depreciation, audit repair and condition of assets and conduct floor audits for inventory financing.

Complete package or selected services

All of our services can be utilised either as a complete package or individual services. We tailor these to your specific requirements.

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European-wide services in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management