European-wide services in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management
Our motto

More and more debt recovery assignments are closed successfully by the AVS Group

Your money matters

Our prime goal is to protect your assets

With activities, investigations and personal contacts by our field staff we do support the legal departments of our customers in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management.

Our fundamental rule is to safeguard the image and reputation of your business

Whether it concerns special investigations, controlling or debt recovery by our field staff, a constructive and professional approach is of utmost importance to us. Where there is a delay in payments our staff will act as mediator between your company and your customer.

Our overriding objective is to preserve your relationship with the customer

The first step in any intervention consists of a discussion with the customer and an analysis of the current situation. The purpose of this approach is to re-instate the payment flow and to restore your normal relationship with the customer.