European-wide services in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management
Existing contracts

Call Centre
Personal visits
Debt recovery
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Taking a positive approach

Early involvement from AVS can reduce losses arising from non-performing loans.

Call Centre

The AVS Call Centre can support our customer’s routine collection practices for 14 hours a day. Our employees are trained in modern telephone collection techniques and will keep your customer and asset records up-to-date.

Personal contact

Our field staff draw on many years of experience and professional training in dealing with customers. In pre-arranged personal discussions they work with your customers in an effort to solve difficult situations in a constructive way. Our reputation as external and independent mediators usually leads to a quick and positive outcome.

Collection of overdue accounts

Whether it’s a straightforward collection or a special short-term arrangement for collection of arrears, all payments are directly credited to your account.

Repossession and inspection of assets

If the recovery of overdue payments is not forthcoming within a reasonable period of time the customer shall be encouraged to return the asset voluntarily. If necessary we shall repossess the asset and wherever possible with the customer’s consent.
Finding a successful solution