European-wide services in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management
Recovery of doubtful accounts

Out of court settlements
Juridical administration
Court orders
Closed files

Mobilising reserves

We don’t give up easily. Even when “late payments” become “bad debts”: We continue to support our clients every step of the way collecting these accounts.

Out of court settlement and collection

At first we visit the customer and try to collect unpaid amounts, at the same time we endeavour to determine the actual financial position and other circumstances. The outcome of this investigation provides you with a sound basis for deciding what steps to take next.

Preparation and initiation of legal proceedings

The entire process of our interventions from first to final contact is documented in a report which can be handed to an attorney for the initiation of legal proceedings.

Court orders

Our staff take care of actions necessary for the execution of court orders.

Pursuit of written off accounts

If accounts have remained unpaid despite court orders we will regularly check the financial position of your customers by way of personal visits. If it is determined that their financial position has improved but they still refuse to honour their obligations voluntarily we will recommend next steps for further court handling.