14 hours a day, our call center supports you in the following areas:

  • Surveys
    No matter what you want to know, we will raise it for you.
  • Customer service
    Are your customers satisfied with your performance? - We'll find it out for you.
  • New customer acquisition
    You want to use your time for other activities instead of time-consuming acquisition? - We'll do the preliminary work.
  • Mystery Calling 
    Have you ever asked yourself the following questions:
- How long does it take for a call to be accepted?
- How are my customers being welcomed on the phone?
- Are questions of the call answered adequately, competently and friendly?
- What is the reaction to complaints?
The goal of Mystery Calling is to check the telephone service quality by means of test calls, which are defined in advance, in order to detect or correct any deficiencies.

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