Amicable debt collection

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Debt collection

Amicable debt collection

Written request for payment, personal conversation - telephone and direct

You are giving us outstanding receivables, which are the same day is accepted for processing. It has been shown that not only a written request for payment, but most of all personal contact with the debtor, whether by phone call as well as a direct conversation with our field staff, allows you to find an effective solution.

  • Call Centre

The AVS Call Centre can support our customer’s routine collection practices for 14 hours a day. Our employees are trained in modern telephone collection techniques and will keep your customer and asset records up-to-date.

  • Personal contact

Our field staff draw on many years of experience and professional training in dealing with customers. In pre-arranged personal discussions they work with your customers in an effort to solve difficult situations in a constructive way. Our reputation as external and independent mediators usually leads to a quick and positive outcome.

If we are not able to achieve success at this stage, we put at your disposal cooperating with AVS law firm, which will be conducting court debt collection.

Court debt collection

The AVS contract lawyer is an expert in these matters. The lawsuit, execution, and the list of assets are carried out swiftly. This swift approach ensures the possibility of collecting your claim.

Pursuit of written off accounts

If accounts have remained unpaid despite court orders we will regularly check the financial position of your customers by way of personal visits. If it is determined that their financial position has improved but they still refuse to honour their obligations voluntarily we will recommend next steps for further court handling.


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