On-site inspections

Investigtion services

Inventory audits

Risk management

Assessing the situation

With an accurate assessment of the customer or the assets to be financed you will be on the safe side from the beginning.


Specialist investigation and research

“Know your customer”: We perform background checks and research on individuals and companies, both, domestic and abroad.
By checking ownership structures and asset values prior to agreeing to financial transactions, AVS can help reduce the risk of default.


On-site inspections

“Play it safe”: We inspect the assets to be financed from all angles: identity, condition, market value, purchase price and re-sale value. Everything you need to provide you with a more secure basis for a trouble-free customer relationship.


Inventory audit


“Keeping an eye on things”: Through regular inventory audit and document management as well as appraisal of used cars, we help ensure that amounts financed are in line with the related collateral.




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European-wide services in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management