Specialised services


Corporate and private insolvency (= debt regulation).
In this area, AVS supports both the mass administrators and creditors.

Monitoring of bankruptcy mass

AVS assumes the monitoring and / or evidence keeping as well as the collection of the bankruptcy mass in all existing insolvency cases. The debt collection procedure is, of course, also associated with this.

Repossesion and sales of assets in cooperation with the  bankruptcy mass administrator

In the course of the insolvency proceedings, AVS assumes the logistic, storage and sales of movables (for example vehicles). 

Purchase of receivables

AVS has contacts with many companies specializing in the purchase of receivables, so there is the possibility of buying debts. AVS or its investors value your debts, and based on this determine  fair sale price. The result of this is secured your liquidity and you save time and costs in accounting and unloaded are your legal and collection departments.


Investigation services

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European-wide services in the areas of controlling, risk- and debt recovery management